About Me

I'm Sam Wildman. I grew up in Southwest Ohio on a farm where my family grows corn, soybeans and raises pigs. My  younger days were spent in the pig barns with my dad, riding along while we moved pigs from farm to farm, or enjoying my time in the tractor with him. 

My family has all grown up on our farm, in a small community, and in church, and it has brought us close together with family and the Lord Jesus, I couldn't ask for a better way of life!

I love my family! 
My entire education from kindergarten to high school was spent homeschooled, which meant more time to spend exploring the world through the eyes of a farm boy. After high school I made a BIG jump to The Ohio State University to study agricultural economics and business management at the ATI (ag tech institute) branch of OSU. After two years studying there I "took my talents" to Columbus, OH where I continued my studies for another one and half years. As a senior, I wasn't sure that I fit in my major, the jobs available were no longer of interest to me. I enjoyed writing, photography and talking about pig production and Ohio agriculture. So I changed my major to agricultural communication so that I could get more training in the areas that I was passionate about. 

My best farm friend "Dallas"
That change opened so many doors and opportunities for me to expand my knowledge of agriculture and network with many great minds across the industry. I took a summer internship at The Pig Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana and was able to have several thousand conversations about commercial farming with our visitors. The internship opened up my eyes to a whole new world of conversations that the public wants to have with farmers.

You'll notice over time, my blog has evolved from a diary-type reflection, to a purpose driven message and sometimes an update as if it were a letter. My goal is to write about my experiences in agriculture, but also open the mind to a new way of looking at some issues. God has given me a great gift and I want to use it to help others see the beauty of His world.

After college, I moved to Des Moines, Iowa and work with a consultant firm specifically in meat, milk and eggs. I'm learning new things every day about the wonderful world we live in. 

Abby and I 
My fiancé followed me to Iowa as well, and we are enjoying our time as we begin life together, and try to settle into a new city, apartment, church and life.

Life isn't always a clear path, but God has a clear plan for each of us. I may never know what the plan looks like, but I will take a chance on the WILD SIDE to embrace life and enjoy what God has given me.