Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update from Wooster

Nothing much to write today. The truth is my brain is a bit fried from all of my homework. which I suppose is a good thing because it shows I'm actually studying and learning. But it hasn't been just another boring week since my last post. Here's some of whats been going on lately.

I went down to Columbus for a formal dinner at the Alpha Gamma Rho Beta house (AGR) on main campus and I'm expressing my interest to rush for AGR next fall when I transfer to main campus. I think I have a good chance to get in to the house and I plan on living their while in Columbus. I've never been down there, man that place is big! and a lot more like what I thought college would be like. I look forward to getting in there and building connections with the brothers their and making friends for a lifetime. The best part is that theyre all ag major (obviously) and I can relate to and get help with school from almost anyone there because surely someone has taken some of my classes. The thing that surprised me the most about AGR was the amount of farm boys that can play Call Of Duty: Black Ops. man they're a lot better than I am lol.

I'm working on putting together a service learning project for my ag communications class. I plan on working with horses at the Steps To Your Dreams Foundation, a group that uses horses and hippology for physical therapy and alo has a classroom for working with special needs children. The foundation is in my hometown of South Charleston so I look forward to going back home and do some of that community work.

 I'm also still working on developing a plan of action for the animal advocate club here at ATI. Its a long, slow process that I am trying to do as well as get all of my schoolwork done. Scholarship deadlines have absorbed my free time as well, I have written four essays and multiple emails for letters of recommendation for scholarships and I appreciate all the help I have received from professors and my business associates.

So as I continue into the winter quarter, my main goal is to stay on top of school and stay warm as we continue to get more snow and cold winds each day.