Monday, January 3, 2011

What A Great First Day Of Class.

Today was the first day of class for Winter quarter 2011 at The Ohio State University Agriculture Technical Institute (ATI) and man was it a full day! I woke up to my roommates alarm going off at 7:00am which I can completely handle because it gave me time to refresh myself and get caught up on a few days of tweeting and blogging.

I was reading a friends facebook page and I got an invite to meet with a professor about my goal of starting up an animal advocate club here at ATI. We spent thirty minutes talking briefly about what requirements have to be met in order to begin a new club through the university and its exciting to think that I might be able to help build something here that is important to so much that we do in agriculture. 

We talked about developing a curriculum and beginning an independent study program for myself and a friend who is starting to get really into the animal advocating as well. I am extremely excited about the potential of my studies through that curriculum. I plan on continuing to build my objectives and plans for the independent study this quarter and then will be actively working in it spring quarter. 

To me this is some very exciting information because I have some serious potential to reach people about the great things we do in the industry and I'm starting to find more and more people here at ATI and at OSU who are passionate about agvocating. 

So hopefully this will help me reach my goals for 2011 even quicker! I hope that everything goas as good as I want it to. Another important thing I ask for fromanyone who reads my blogs is to supportt me on my goals by communicating with me and leaving me some comments about how to make things better or what to change. I would love some ideas about what to talk about this year as I continue to write my blogs.

Thanks for all the time you've taken to read this and hopefully enjoy my exciting news.