Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Back!

Boy it's been a while since I blogged! I've been so busy with school work I haven't had time to sit and write a good blog about my experiences in advocating.  Even though I haven't been on the blog, I have been agvocating my heart out. While busy with school, I have worked on my goal for 2011 and I will be taking my independent study course spring quarter at Ohio State ATI. I will be studying agvocating and using many tools, events, speakers and my own knowledge to spread the word of safe food and caring producers in Ohio.

I f you read my blog regularly and enjoy it, you can expect weekly updates and entries as well as a lot of twittter feeds and facebook updates. I will be working with a fellow student, Amanda Wagner and my professor Dr. Carrie Pickworth to create a few events here at ATI that we can have guest speakers come and talk about their agvocating experiences and give us some guides and recommendations.

I'm extremely excited to see what I can learn about agvocating through this study. I hope that it is as successful as I expect and I hope that there is interest in learning about more from others in Ohio.

While this quarter of school winds down next week, I see signs of spring on the way in Wayne County. I am extremely excited for spring. I love being on the tractors, in the fields, or just being outdoors. The cold has put a holt on my outdoor experiences this winter, boy has it been a wild winter!

I'll be headed to Vero Beach, Florida in a little over two weeks and I am excited to see what Florida agriculture looks like. I haven't been to Florida since I was a little boy and I hope that I can learn a little about Florida agriculture and use my spring break trip as a way to agvocate to others.

So, Stay tuned for a lot more reflections from this County Boy!