Thursday, April 28, 2011

Agvocating To College Students

It is commonly known that peer pressure is a major concern among parents when their children are growing up. I have seen my share of peer pressure and I feel I've done well choosing the right decisions because I feel my parents enstilled in me long ago what was right and wrong. Not based on society, but on morals and ethics from a Biblical view. These world views effect all of our decisions and I think in a way they bring us closer together. 
I want to entertain a new idea though, as college students while we are building our education we have the ability greatly influence our peers. 

I think that as an agvocate we have a duty to put a bit of constructive positive peer pressure on our friends so that they can see the importance of agvocating and why it effects them. This peer pressure combined with a bit of structure can help the ag industry because we (students) are the future of production agriculture. Especially in Ohio where rules & regulations will be going into effect concerning our ability to raise food products we have an obligation to the producers & the consumers to agvocate and explain the benefits of our business. 

So I have taken charge of agvocating and I am in full stride with others who agvocate for our industry across the nation. I feel my calling is to talk to the students who are the future of our industry. I go to Ohio State's AG Technical Institute, we are a specific ag based campus of The Ohio State University and I think that we have been given a head start on agvocating through our professors and classmates. 

I have been given a great opportunity to work with a fellow agvoate and a professor to host an agvocate event here at OSU-ATI as a way of recruiting new agvocates for Ohio. We have spent several weeks planning the event and I'm pleased to know that all our plans are working out well. 

So if anyone is near Wooster, OH on May 17th I encourage you to come to OSU-ATI for our free event where several people who work in agriculture across the state will be showing us students how to get started in agvocating and why it is important to us. 

Here is the link to our facebook event. I encourage you to check out the event and share it with your friends and provide a little positive peer pressure to encourage agvocating in your area.

Schedule for the event is tentatively set as this:

6:30 refreshments 
7:00 Dan Toland, Communications specialist for Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.
7:45 Leah Dorman , D.V.M. Director of Food Programs for Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.
8:15 Dr. Bobby Moser, Dean of CFAES at The Ohio State University