Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Change in Reservations

The first thing that I want to say is that I apologize to both Chris Raines & Polyface Inc. I realized that my earlier post was written without much thought for their opinions of the farm and methods used. I did not mean to bash on their practices with my post, I was trying to explain what I thought I saw from the pictures. I have reread Chris's blog "Polyhtoughts" and I realize that what I stated in my blog was extremely different than his thoughts. Chris knows much more about the farm and meat processing than I do and I did not mean to bash his opinions.

I made several comments about gm chickens, and I realize that was not the proper wording to use. I was attempting to speak on trait selected birds such as the big breasts on meat chickens and I was wrong on that statement.

It was not my intention to slam the alternative methods of the farm because I am a strong supporter of agriculture on all levels and I believe that it is great that we have the ability, technology & strength as an industry to have alternative ways for production. The farm has made great use of the land they have, their buildings and their markets.

I have learned a lot about the farm in the past several days and I feel that my previous blog was incorrect on many levels. I apologize to all those who have read it and felt offended by my thoughts of alternative farming.

I have a lot of respect for Chris and Polyface and I did not intend to slam on their thoughts, I know that they are professionals who do great work for agriculture. I have learned quite a lot from my mistake and I thank those who have helped me learn through their comments and concerns. Again, I apologize to them for my mistreatment of their work.