Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas at the Wildman's

Tis the season...It's the week before Christmas and its starting to become evident around my house, by that I mean there's no one home. Between working on the farm (which never stops for a holiday), My sister's working at the dance studio, mom working on Christmas Eve performances for our church, shopping and planning for the holidays our family is officially running EVERYWHERE!

I miss out on so much of the running year round while I'm at school but I'm home for a few weeks so I've been doing what I can to help my family have a little less stress this season. Christmas is special to the Wildman family because my mom (@soepiano) is a Christmas baby and that means...CAKE! She works so hard for all of us every day of the year, even on her birthday. It's really unfair, but I'm not sure she would ever let us change it.

Christmas season in Ohio will be a wet one this year. We were lucky enough to finish our crop harvest Thanksgiving weekend but I know there is a lot of corn and even some soybeans still in the fields that will have to wait until it freezes hard in order to be harvested (thought confirmed by the tractor and grain cart passing my window as I write this).  While most dream of a white Christmas, this year all the farmers can dream of is a frozen Christmas. I wish them all the best of luck and continued patience as this year has tested it for so many farmers.

The pigs are all staying cozy and warm this Christmas inside their heat controlled, air ventilated barns. A steady 70-76 degrees in the barns. The pigs seem happy with the attention they get and the comfortable living conditions for the winter months.

College will return to my life very soon so I suppose I should enjoy my relaxation while I can. I continue to apply for summer internships and look forward to hearing about some of those opportunities. Hopefully this reflection finds you all well, and hopefully everyone will be enjoying a nice holiday ham this season! Merry Chirstmas to all and be sure to enjoy some great American tradition by enjoying your holiday meals knowing that it was raised specifically for your safety and your enjoyment.