Monday, December 20, 2010

Don't let the Grinch Steal Your Christmas

Ryan Goodman has a great little blog on the farmer clause and I wanted to add my own little spin to it. This is the link to his blog I suggest read it and the one he comments on and think about how it relates to you and what your thoughts are.

Santa could be considered a farmer because of his commitment to work no matter what the weather is, his excellent care for his herd of Reindeer or even because he loves his boots, and like any farmer he buys the same ones every time. Thus building the "farmer Clause" for those of you that follow the Santa Clause movies featuring Tim Allen. they have always been a favorite of mine, I also love the classic cartoon "how the grinch stole Christmas". If you think about this movie, you'll realize that in this little village there is a farmer somewhere...figured it out yet? Who raised the roast beast? somewhere there is a "who" that you do not see. This is the "farmer who", I'm willing to bet that he isn't seen in the movie because he was busy plowing snow or feeding his herd of beasts. Sometimes it is fun to think of how some of these things could get blown out of proportion by just a silly little thing like where did the beast come from?

Now relate this to your life, your business or your career. We all have our own farmer clause and grinch's. In my life, I think of my father as the farmer clause, he always is out working with the pigs no matter what the weather is, no matter who is happy or sad, naughty or nice. He has a warm heart and is always caring for much more than he has to. What about the grinch? Well, in the pork industry and especially in Ohio we are involved with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), who have a poiltical agenda and want "take our Christmas away" and stop all our singing and gift giving and loving and caring. Oh wow! Wayne Pacelle, CEO of HSUS might be waring the green suit of the grinch instead of the big man's red suit.He wants people to think he is doing good in America by saving pets and farm animals because he thinks we all abuse our animals.

Would Santa be a lovable character or famous man if he was always neglecting his reindeer, being selfish and only worrying about making a profit? NO!!! Which is what I am saying about my dad. There's no way that a man who has love and care beyond what is asked of him and expected of him would harm his animals, Be sure you note that Santa's reindeer are not pets. Santa uses his reindeer to complete his daily work and his overall goal in his career. NOT PETS! What about the Grinch? The grinch sits on his mountain watching the "whos down in whoville" and he can only think of taking all their gifts and animals in Wayne Pacelle's case to the top of mount crumpit to dump it! Which is exactly what Wayne is trying to do through his ballot initiatives. He uses the Humane Society name to gain credibilty, but he uses it as his Santa outfit to disguise himself to all the girls and boys (Americans). Then when we are sleeping he rides in and tries to ruin Christmas (animal agriculture).

But in Ohio we are not sleeping, we have seen him up on his mountain and have been preparing his entrance to our whoville (State of Ohio) and we are trying to protect ourselves from his lies, deceit, and goals. Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board is part of that defense of ours. It goes beyond that though, someone is missing from this story still.... Cindy Lou Who. If you remember Cindy is the little girl that finds the Grinch in her living room stealing the Christmas tree. She shows him love and and while he thinks she is just a stupid child she has really touched him and eventually helps to change his mind on Christmas.

I don't think that anyone is capable of being a Cindy Lou Who to Wayne Pacelle or even the HSUS, but we are involved in advocating for agriculture. Specifically I advocate for the pork industry and animal agriculture. During this Christmas season I have noticed that I am a Cindy Lou Who, even if I cannot win over anyone from the HSUS I can be positive, show my care, love and joy for what I do and my industry. Cindy Lou Who is just a simple little who, a child. If she is capable of winning the heart of the Grinch, what are we capable of in our own lives and in our industry?

This Christmas season I realize my gift came early, God has given me a passion for the pork industry and agvocating. I think this could be the best gift I have ever received. I plan on fully using this gift and I hope that it never wears out!

So be sure to think of and thank the Farmer Clause in your life this Christmas season and be sure you look out for the Grinch, he may be a sweet talker, good looking and very professional; but be sure you know who he is and don't let him steal your Christmas. Be a "who" like Cindy Lou Who and don't be afraid to confront the grinch, if that chance isn't given to you be sure you show your love, care and passion for what you do so that the other "who's" in your life can see that you care.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all......A GOOD NIGHT!