Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

Christmas is coming, less than a week away. I hope everyone is finished shopping and if not, I accept giftcards, money orders, cash and all major credit cards. But seriously, I hope all is well on the home front wherever you are reading this from or wherever you call home.

First, shout out to the military men and women who have given the ultimate price, or made the choice to serve. I give you my thanks and prayers. I hope you are all safe and return home safe.

Shout out to the farmers and ranchers who work hard everyday to provide safe food and other products to America...heck to the world! You also deserve thanks and prayers for your line of work is hard too.

And Shout out to all of the people who read this because they are passionate about advocating animal production and food safety. I thank you all for taking time to read this and support me as well as the hundreds of others who do the same. Your job is hard too.

That should be a good start to the nice list, Santa please put these fine folks on the nice list and give them lots of presents and joys. God give them everything they need and much more. They deserve it.

OK, naughty list....this gets back into my pursuit of spreading knowledge of the HSUS and how they keep getting more money. They have decided to support the H$U$ as I will now call it. They are definitely not a friend of the animal production I serve to promote and I think that you can see this pretty clearly in the stores. Just take a minute to read one of their cups (find one in a trash can, don't go buy it there). They have a very conflicted and confused idea of "natural meat" and it isn't helpful to the industry. Check out their mission statement and the multiple facebook pages about their support of the H$U$ like

Forever 21, you have recently been discovered and spread across the internet in part by a fellow student of mine at OSU-ATI. Forever 21 has vowed $1.00 of each purchase of a certain type of shirt or clothing they sell to be donated to the H$U$ to help save pets. You are mistaken and you have been lied to, simple as that. I hope that we can help to "save" this company because they are a good company.

Pepsi Cola You aren't there yet, but by January 1 you may be. The pepsi refresh project has the chance to give the H$U$ $250,000 in a grant to "help save animals". If Pepsi grants them the money than I will stop buying Pepsi products and I will continue to make it known what they did. It is my personal way of protesting, everyone has their own views and ideas of how to handle these things.

Philidelphia Eagles, what were you thinking? I know I am not an "east coast" type of guy. However, I like Michael Vick as a football player, please don't blow that out of the water folks. He is an excellent football player with tremendous amounts of talent. You cannot deny that, regardless of what his actions resulted in in the past.

I'm not saying that I want to go on strike against these groups, I simply want to make it known that regardless of what you are buying from them, a bit of your money has potential to end up in the hands of the H$U$. I don't want my money going to them and I know many people that feel the same way. I suggest that we think about these things when we buy gifts and gift cards this holiday season. I suggest that we also explain our concern for what actions they are taking in supporting the H$U$ and help to provide information with out slamming anyone or harming anyone through our comments. You can write public comments on all of these groups websites or facebook pages and you can email the companies directly. I suggest that special concern be shown to pepsi refresh because before they grant the money to the winners of their contest they review the finalists and what their reputation is and what the practical application of the money is. So we have a chance to stop the H$U$ from receiving the grant.

You can link to the pepsi refresh project here to login and vote for your favorite ideas. Be sure to read what the group really does and look take time to look at their actual website. Send email concerns and public comments to pepsi refresh, pepsi and H$U$.

I want to remind you that I am not declaring these companies as naughty, I am using naughty as a way of catagorizing their actions and how they are not nice actions towards our industry (food production). Please look into these things and help to remain on the nice list of agvocating by doing your part to spread the word.