Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stay Warm Folks

Today we woke up early, with beef brisket, mashed potatoes, jello and birthday cake still full in our stomachs; so naturally we were all groggy and tired. But the weather outside made that attitude just an excuse to crawl back in bed and sleep throughout the day.

However, the pigs have to be fed, and the farm has to be cared for in case of an emergency. So dad and I were up and ready to roll. Well dad was ( I was making coffee), so we decided to split up and stay at the farms today where the barns are so if there is an emergency we can get to the animals and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

They are calling for thundersnow in the area here in a little while, so we'll see what it turns into this afternoon. But for now I am making another pot of coffee and waiting for the call ( hopefully it never comes) from the farm saying the power is out and the generator is running. You see, just because we have generators to backup our power source for feed, fans, fresh water and heat its important we are there to check the generators status as well as the pigs comfort while the adverse weather is here.

As I sit and wait, I see the many posts from livestock producers just like me all over social media. We all have the same basic feeling, we have to protect the animals and keep them safe from the weather. I enjoy seeing the pictures of the pretty snowfall, barns covered in snow and such, but I'm a realist and I'm well aware of the amount of work that those images leave behind for the hard working farmer. So if you see one of those farmers, be sure to thank him for working hard in all weather for your food, buy him a cup of coffee, or offer him a handshake. Attitudes change everything and I know that while we are all working through these hard winter storms, our attitudes could always use a shot of encouragement and endurance.

Hopefully you all read this from a safe and dry location but if not, be sure to stay safe and warm while enduring the weather.