Tuesday, February 26, 2013

#agchat: Youth in Ag

One of my assignments for my strategic communication class is to participate in a weekly tweetchat that allows me to communicate with people of a similar interest. I chose to participate in #agchat, a weekly tweetchat that brings agriculture professionals together through social media to talk about pre-specified issues and interests in the agriculture community.

#agchat is something that I have participated in before and I have always enjoyed the conversations and  brilliant ideas I always get from others. This week the topic covered was youth in agriculture. Many questions were prompted from individuals who would be participating and the event was moderated by a member of the Agchat Foundation Board.

Questions this week ranged from who should we (ag professionals) be trying to communicate with, how can college ag students get more involved in the industry, what can students do to reach out to non-farm publics and  who do young ag professionals turn to for advice.

The chat lasted for two hours and the topics were covered with great passion by all the individuals who were there. The conversation can be read at www.twubs.com/agchat. I encourage anyone interested in agriculture, education, youth leadership, food, health or nutrition to check out what we say from time to time. As agriculture advocates we are always trying to reach out and connect with people who are interested in learning about what we do and where their food comes from.