Monday, March 18, 2013

Web2.0 The Master of Marketing

We live in a world where information is expected to be processed fast and accurately but most importantly received when on the go. Web2.0 has allowed us to receive and process information, news and data away from a computer monitor. The technology we use everyday is quickly becoming the currency we live and die in. If you want breaking news just pull out your smartphone and get it!

This demand for mobile news and independence from a computer, television or newspaper has quickly taken over many peoples way of life. Marketing departments are fully aware of this and are making great progress at integrating their strategic message to you  even when you aren't using traditional forms of communication.

Last week I traveled to Houston, Texas for spring break to watch the rodeo and livestock show with some friends. While traveling I wanted to look at the schedule of events, concerts, seminars, shopping and many other options I would have while I was in Houston. When I pulled out my droid, looked up the website for the Houston Rodeo and Stock Show, the first thing I found was an app I could download to navigate all the fun things I listed above.

Download the app in your app store!
This app helped me map out my schedule and helped me find plenty of exciting things to do while visiting the show. I had originally planned to spend one day at the show and another day exploring Houston and do some sightseeing. But my plans changed when I started playing around on the app and found many interesting things I wanted to see and experience all without leaving the show. So I spent two days enjoying the life of the Houston rodeo and stock show.

If I had been forced to stay at my computer and plan out the activities I wanted to do I would not have spent two wonderful days at the show. But because of the strategic message I received from looking through the different things on the app I was able to enjoy my time (and spend more money) at the show. Even though I left the show with extreme buyers remorse from spending my entire spring break budget at the show, I left with a great memory and positive attitude about the event and I am able to spread the word to all my friends about how great it was.

I really enjoyed my time there and thank the strategic communication I was a part of for helping me have a great time and because of my great experience, I highly recommend anyone interested try it out next year!

There are literally thousands of mobile apps designed specifically for events, shows, seminars and other things. These apps wouldn't be possible if we didn't demand the affordances of web2.0 and life wouldn't be the same. So before you write off the smartphone era as being bad, think about all the positive benefits we can get from it too.