Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter, Pinterest and Branding.

Everyone has a certain holiday food that they just love to eat. Mine is Easter ham and sweet potatoes. Pour a bit of caramel and brown sugar glaze over them and you have an amazing main dish! Add some vegetables, fruit salad and great family conversations and you've got the perfect meal. That is what I'm hoping for when I go home Sunday for Easter.

Good news! Thanks to Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter my mother and two sisters have been accumulating a lot of new recipes online and seem to really enjoy trying new things they find that look good. So, I'm also hoping to be surprised with some new dish that blows the others away (except for the ham of course).

Pinterest has become a professional marketing tool that can help brand any type of business. Recently, the National Pork Board as well as many state organizations have been using their Pinterest to help market and brand pork bacon and all things pig. I've seen a steady amount of recipes, photos, videos and links to different types of foods and farming that are relative to the time of year.

I think it is great that farmers and their organizations can use social networks to promote their brand and drive conversation around what they do. We love talking about pigs, food, farming and many other things. I never thought that I would be on Pinterest, but here I am, pinning my favorite recipes (to my girlfriend), repin-ing cool things and promoting my brand, positive pork.

For some of my favorite ham recipes check out these on pinterest!