Sunday, May 5, 2013

A New Adventure

Today I moved to Indiana to begin my internship at Fair Oaks Farms/ Legacy Farms. I will be working in the Fair Oaks Pig Adventure Center as a "tour guide" to educate consumers about how a modern pig farm is run.

This internship brings with it a lot of firsts. For me, it marks the first job I have ever held away from the family farm or directly dealing with the family farm. I am nervous and excited about my internship. I am excited to have a lot of opportunities to share my passion and knowledge about the pork industry with people from many different backgrounds. I am excited to see how other farmers manage their businesses, employees and much more. I think that it will be a good fit for me and help make me a more rounded business man in the future.

For Fair Oaks, they are embarking on a new journey partnering with Legacy Farms to open their doors to the public about how pork is raised inside the big barns you see when driving through countryside. The Pig Adventure will feature state-of-the-art facilities that allow guests to see every aspect of the production side of pork. The Pig Adventure Center will allow guests to learn all about pork through many interactive exhibits, posters and a skybox that shows them into the pig barn, while keeping the pigs safe from bio-security concerns.

Together, I am very excited to see how things go this summer for me and for the Fair Oaks Pig Adventure. I believe that this is a great step for our industry towards creating a better understanding of how our industry operates. I am glad to be here to witness it as well as contribute to it.