Saturday, May 11, 2013

Learning the Ropes

GOOD NEWS!!!! I didn't fail at my job! I have completed my first week in my internship. I was very nervous when I walked in to work the first day, but the crew I work with at Legacy Farms is great to work with. 

They have been very patient with me as I learn the ropes and start to understand how the system flows. Like I said, I was very nervous, but my father pointed out to me that the people I am working for taught  him a lot of what he knows about working with pigs and suggested to me that it would be very similar to being at home. He was right! The management of the production unit is very similar to how I grew up raising pigs. 

Working in the production barn is a lot of fun because I am familiar with the science behind how the system works, although I'm still learning how the (feed) system works. The people I work with are a lot of fun and while some don't have a lot of experience working with pigs, I feel like I am helpful to the group as a whole. 

Every day I would help with feeding, breeding, sorting, heat checking, and moving gilts in the breeding/gestation barn. Next week their will be two more interns starting and we have our orientation with the Fair Oaks Pig Adventure (the agritourism/education side). I am excited to hear about what they have planned for us and meet more people who are interested in our industry.