Monday, June 17, 2013

Thank God for Choices

Maybe this isn't the time for this blog, maybe I should wait until the end of my internship and see if it changes. But after a weekend of "friends and family" tours at the Pig Adventure, I've noticed one thing:  the people within your industry are sometimes the quickest to point out things they don't agree with.

This observation led me to other observations:

We are very blessed to have a choice in how we set up our pig farms. 

Regardless of whether we have pressure from animal rights activists, food groups, consumers or anyone else; there are many options on how to build a pig barn, what products to use, and how to manage that farm.

We have a responsibility far greater than our industry or job, as Americans we need to preserve our right to these choices.

There are many people who are poised and ready to attack us for every little thing that appears left of center and misses the status quo, or doesn't fit their view. The scary thing is that these people are running our country, writing our laws,  and most importantly determining our future so that their personal goals or agendas can succeed. 

While many are quick to point the wrong, few are concerned with the implications of their demands.

Don't get mad at me, I don't mean that you won't defend your family, farm, business or right to some certain unalienable rights such as Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as Thomas Jefferson once scripted on our Declaration of Independence. What I'm saying is, the people who don't like what we do demand that we change our ways to provide more or better choices. But they don't seem to worry about what those demands and changes will cause to the farmers.

We must be strong

Farmers are some of the smartest people I know. They are also stubborn, thick-skinned, patient, faithful and loyal to their job. As the world continues to change around us, we have to continue to do what we believe is right. That is, providing excellent care for the animals we raise. While those in our industry are sometimes quick to point out their own opinions of what we do, they still want to see us succeed just like we want to see them succeed. We will unite together in discussions about pig farming and we have the passion to change many peoples opinions about agriculture. So remain strong, continue to work hard and thank God for the choices we have.