Sunday, June 23, 2013

This Week's Adventure

This week at the Pig Adventure we didn't have much going on. So we tried to lay out some scripted material that can be used to help train new adventure guides that will be working at the Pig Adventure in the future.

It's taken many weeks worth of notes, meetings, tours and lots of listening for us to develop the messages that we feel are most important for the adventure guides to know about pig farming. We continuously ask ourselves, "what do we want guests to take away the most from their experience here?" The answer has started to take shape and we have crafted that carefully into our scripts. 

We also did some trial runs this week experimenting with guided tours throughout the exhibits and mezzanines where we could use the information in the scripts to make sure our guests took got the most important information in a way that they understood it and could remember it. 

While we won't always be able to give guided tours, we think that their is a lot of added value to the Pig Adventure experience just by having a pig farmer present to talk to as you go. Of course, there will always be adventure guides throughout the Pig Adventure to help answer any questions and point out these important messages. 

So, my job continues to encompass many new things to me, this week it was paperwork. We worked on scripts, job descriptions, schedules and many other things that are new to me. 

As we get closer to the grand opening on August 5, 2013, I get more excited about what it is we're doing here at the Pig Adventure.