Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to School Back to School

Well folks, the summer has officially ended for me as I have moved back to that grand ol' city of Columbus, Ohio for my final year of college. There are both pros and cons to this though, and I'd like to take outline them now.


  1. I love being back at the Alpha Gamma Rho house with my brothers. We are already gearing up for another fun year of activities, philanthropy and recruitment. The memories I have made here will go with me for the rest of my life. 
  2. I actually like going to my classes. I have found a way to make myself comfortable in non-ag classes and have found more enjoyable conversations and dialogue there than in any of my Ag Comm or Ag Econ classes. And besides, what fifth year senior doesn't have a fun schedule? It should be good. Expect future blog posts to come from discussions I have had in class.
  3. OHIO STATE BUCKEYES FOOTBALL!!!! I have become a huge fan of Big Ten football and you can rest assured (or not rest) that I will be having fun cheering my team on from the South endzone in The Shoe this fall. 
  1. I had an absolute blast working at Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana this summer. The experiences, conversations and diversity I had this summer was absolutely a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. 
  2. I am feeling a bit old this year as my younger sister goes off to start her college career and I am still in school. But she seems to be excited about a new chapter in life, which excites my whole family and we have a lot of faith in her. GOOD LUCK MINDY!
  3. This is the last ride, some of my friends like to say I'm simply "squeezing four years of education into five years of experience" and I think they may be right. As much fun as college has been, I am very excited to get started on the next chapter of my life.
So as you can see, I have some mixed feelings about this year of school. But I know it will go way faster than I want it to go. I just hope that I can keep up with it. One last thing you can rest assured of is that I will be advocating for agriculture on the front lines of the future of our country while I'm here!