Thursday, September 12, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Boy! This semester is really getting away from me! I have been swamped by homework, AGR functions,  and other duties. But nonetheless, I want to give some insights to what I've been studying.

This semester I am taking a class about healthy food access and how it is an important function in agriculture. Mostly in policy and planning, but still very important to what we do! As I sit in class I see many different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs about what healthy food access is, should be and how to get there.

We spent a few weeks reading and discussing Food by Jennifer Clapp. This book gives a great 30,000 foot look at food policy in regards to the Farm Bill, Transnational Corporations, the Green Revolution and more. While I didn't agree with the entire book, I really think it paints a good picture of what policy looks like around these issues and who the players are.

I've never really had much interest in policy, planning or food access. But as this class goes on, I am seeing more and more how advocating and access to healthy, affordable food go hand in hand.

This class is a grad level course, but one that I chose to take because of the dialogue and the broad array of interests represented in the class. I have really enjoyed it to this point and I hope to have more insight in an upcoming blog.

As for my extra-ciricular activities this semester, well, buckeye football is in full swing so I am getting plenty of tailgating and game time in! Alpha Gamma Rho has kept me plenty busy as well. I was elected the President of the fraternity last week, so there has been plenty to do getting things in line for the remainder of the term. We are also in the middle of fall recruitment, which has kept us plenty busy.

Hopefully I have some more info to report in my next blog, but for now, I have to run to class.