Sunday, December 28, 2014

The First Christmas: Part Two

S'mores for a Christmas Eve treat!
As previously noted, Abby and I had our First Christmas together and although we aren't married yet, we had a wonderful time resting, relaxing, gifting, serving and making memories that could possibly tun in to our own new traditions.

Since Thanksgiving, I've learned just how much Abby enjoys Christmas movies on tv. So on Christmas eve, we lit the fire, roasted up some s'mores and settled in for an evening of Christmas classics.

We were able to have time with our family Christmas day via Skype and FaceTime (no thanks to our internet speed) as well as relax and enjoy doing our own things and reflecting on the year we've had.

As I write this blog and continue to reflect on the year, it's worth noting that this is my 100th blog post! It has been a fun adventure to this point, and I have met many great people and learned many unique things because of my involvement in advocating for agriculture through social media and blogging.

I am so blessed to have the freedom to write what I experience, and to share my thoughts and opinions with whoever may be interested in reading them! Social media has given me a way to share my passion for agriculture with others, bring them into our family farm and now as I transition into "adulthood" and the new life that I will have with Abby, provides fun new ways of communicating with family and friends and as I share the adventures!

Besides Christmas wishes, you hear a lot about this time of year is New Years resolutions. I intend to have some new goals and resolutions for myself both personally and professionally in the new year (coming soon to my blog). Christmas was wonderful, returning to work is also very satisfying to me as I get a chance to get back in the swing of things with work, and I look forward to future adventures to share on my blog. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, has a happy new year, and may the next 100 blog posts be as fun and meaningful as the first 100 was to me!