Sunday, July 17, 2011

Measuring Success

I have often wondered how the best way to measure my success as an agvocate and a producer is. I have had several incidences in the last month that have helped to boost my confidence and realize that my work is worth it and its actually being read.

While washing a hog barn a few weeks ago I found out from the owner that the neighbors had a wedding reception right next door to the hog farm over the weekend and they were all curious what was in the barn because there was no noise, smell or bothersome activity coming from the hog barns. That's when I realized that our management practices are keeping the pigs happy, safe and healthy. I was very glad to hear about the interest in the hog farm and surprised that they didn't have any issues with it because of how close to town it is.

Within the last week I was asked by a friend at the Ohio Pork Producers Council to volunteer at the Ohio State Fair helping with Ohio Pork's portion of "Ag is Cool".  My friend said he has been following my activity on facebook, twitter and blogging and is really impressed with what my family has been doing for the pork industry. He told me about the help he was looking for and he said that he wants my help because he has confidence that I know how to describe the actions of a hog farm and answer basic questions from children and their parents about pigs, pork and the industry.

These things have shown me that my work is being watched and seen. I am glad that others think I do quality work with my agvocating and my management in the pork industry. I'm pleased with the response from both my local community and the ag community to so much of my blogging. I guess these things have helped me to measure my success and help me see what I can do to improve.

I'm thankful for friends, family and a great community to support me in my efforts. I can't wait to help others outside of my local community across the state and the nation!