Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Side Of The Barbwire

Today at work I spent some time out in the woods mowing trails for our future trail rides. As I was mowing I came across an area that was amazing for our area and the type of farm country I'm used to being in. The place was calm, private, peaceful and shaded from the peace of the day.

 I took a few minutes to think about why I love the farm lifestyle. A few weeks ago I did an interview with a local tv crew for a documentary on farm families and they asked the question, "why do you love living in the country?" I found my answer today. I realized that farming is more than a career, to me it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that my family made many generations ago. I love being able to have freedom when I work to make my own decisions, watch my hard work flourish and grow into something better, and I can always find a peaceful place to clear my mind.

Today I realized that God has given me many blessings, some in disguise and some yet to come. Somewhere along the way I acquired a passion for agvocating and providing helpful and truthful information about agriculture and especially the pork industry. I hope that my thoughts, reflections, pictures, etc. help those who don't see things through the eyes of the farmer, on the outside of the gate, across the barbwire.

Hopefully my reflections help others to shop with confidence in American., locally raised products and help others understand the farm lifestyle and why we do what we do.